Computer Fundamental’s Knowledge | Helpful For– IBPS, JOA, SBI Clerk & PO, RRB, SSC Railways etc.

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1. Introduction to Computer – Need for Computer Literacy, Information Technology, Parts of Computer, Characteristics of a Computer, Generations of Computer, Classifications of Computer, Evolution of Computers, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
2. Basic Structure of Computer – Basic Structure of Computer, Computer Components, Basic Operations of a Computer, Central Processing Unit, Motherboard, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
3. Input & Output Devices – Input Devices, Pointing Devices, Barcode & RFID Readers, Optical Scanner Devices, Output Devices, Display Technology, Projector, Video Graphics Adapter. Display Resolution and Color Depth, Sound Output Devices, Printing Technologies, Plotters, Duplex Printer, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
4. Hardware & Software – Computer Hardware, Input/output Interfaces, Expansion Cards, SMPS, Computer Software, Software Development Methodologies, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Cloud Computing, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
5. Processor & Memory – Processor, Generations of Microprocessor, Addressing Modes Implementation, Interrupt, Data Transfer Schemes, Computer Memory, Memory System in Computer, Types of Computer Memory, Memory Hierarchy in Computer, Emerging Memory Technologies, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
6. Operating System – Introduction to Operating System, Properties of an Operating System, Types of Operating Systems, Booting, Main Functions of Operating Systems, User interface (UI) in Operating Systems, File Management in Operating Systems, Process, Process Control Block (PCB), CPU Scheduling, Popular Operating Systems, UNIX OS, Linux, History of Operating Systems, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
7. Computer Languages – Programming languages, Characteristics of a good programming language, Types of programming languages, History of programming languages, Popular Language & Founder, Compiler, Assembler and Interpreter, Computer Coding, Computer Programming, Introduction to C, C++, Java, Visual Basic Languages, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, Multiple Choice Questions
8. Introduction to DBMS & RDBMS – Database, ACID, DBMS, Types of Database Management Systems, Architecture of DBMS, RDBMS, Popular RDBMS Software, Terms Related to Database, Keys, E-R Model, Normalization, DDL, DML, SQL, MySQL, MySQL Functions, SQL Aggregate Functions, SQL Commands, Oracle, PL/SQL, Query, Cursor, Triggers, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
9. Data Communication & Computer Networks – Data Communication, Components of Data Communication System, Communication Protocols, Data Transmission Modes, Modem, DNS, Digital and Analog Transmission, Computer Network, Components of Computer Networks, Network Types, Network Topology, Network Protocols, OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Network Addressing, Network Devices, Data Transmission Media, Data Transmission Services, Wireless Networks, Multiplexing, Switching Techniques, Error Detection and Correction Techniques, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
10. Introduction to Internet & E-Commerce – Internet, History of Internet Evolution and its Basic Services, How Internet Functions, WWW, E-Commerce, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Apps, Chapter Summary, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
11. Hypertext Markup Language – HTML, HTML Document Structure, Tags & Attributes in HTML, XML, DHTML, ASP, VB Script, Java Script, CSS, Chapter Summary, MCQ
12. Microsoft Office (Word Processors, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Access)
Microsoft Office, Microsoft’s Popular Apps and Services, Word Processor, Microsoft Word- Important Terms, Menus, Shortcut Keys, MCQ, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel Features, Important Terms, Menus and Shortcut Keys, Function Keys Usage in MS Excel, One liner Question Answer, MCQ, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access Features, Important Terms, Menus, Shortcut Keys, Function Keys Usage, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
13. Multimedia & Computer Graphics – Multimedia, Multimedia Software, Importance of Multimedia, Elements and Application of Multimedia Animation, Desktop Publishing, Popular DTP Software, Computer Graphics and its type, Chapter Summary, MCQ
14. Numbering System – Number System, Types of Number System, Number System Conversions, Binary Arithmetic, Bitwise Operations, Negative Numbers Representation in Binary (Two’s Complement), Floating-Point Numbers Representation, Fixed-Point Numbers Representation, Error Detection and Correction Techniques in Number Systems, Applications of Number Systems in Computer Science, Chapter Summary, MCQ
15. Boolean Algebra & Logic Circuits – Boolean Algebra, Basic Operations in Boolean Algebra, Operator Precedence, De Morgan’s Theorems, Duality principle in Boolean Algebra, Representation of Logic Gates Using Boolean Algebra, MCQ
16. Open-Source Software and Business Computing – Open-Source Software, History of Open-Source Software, Software Development Using Open Source, Proprietary Software, Public Domain Software, Free Software, Freeware, Shareware, GPL, Free Software Foundation, IPR, FLOSS, Business Computing, Chapter Summary, MCQ
17. System Implementation and Operation – Software Development Life Cycle, Software Development Life Cycle , Popular Software Development Process Models, Software Testing and Debugging, Software Quality Assurance, Post-Implementation Evaluation Review, Database Development Life Cycle, Chapter Summary, MCQ
18. ICT and IT/ITES – Information and Communication Technology, Use of ICT in Diagnosis, IT in the Government and Public Service, E-Governance in India, IT/ITES, Vocational Education and Training, MCQ
19. Information Technology Act-2000 and MeitY – Information Technology Act, IT Acts (Amendment)Bill-2006, National Cyber Security Policy-2013, Cyber Laws, Cyber Surakshit Bharat Program, Cyber Security & Attacks, MeitY, C-DAC, Chapter Summary, MCQ
20. Emerging Technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, 5G Technology, Metaverse, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Block Chain Technology, Internet of things, Cloud Computing Services, Robotic Process Automation, OpenAI, Accelerometer & Gyroscope, Popular Companies & Founder, Inventor & Invention, One liner Question Answer, MCQ
21. Multiple Choice Questions
22. Single Liner Question Answer and Important Abbreviations
23. Practice Sets – 05

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Computer Fundamental Knowledge by Aman Kumar

Computer Fundamental’s Knowledge | Helpful For– IBPS, JOA, SBI Clerk & PO, RRB, SSC Railways etc.

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